Plant Planograms

Display Table Layouts and Planograms

As there are many ways to layout plants it can get confusing so we have set out a few suggestions to give you a guide.

Display tables are 2400mm long and 1200mm wide. Marginal display tables are 125mm deep while Lily display tables are 280mm deep to accommodate lilies, deep water aquatics and oxygenating bunches.

Trays are 1650mm long by 790mm wide. Marginal trays are 125mm deep while Lily trays are 250mm deep.

All tables and trays can be used to display floating plants

Please click on the links below to see the relevant planograms

3 Display table layouts

2 Display table layouts

Other Display table layouts

3 Tray layouts

2 Tray layouts

Other Tray layouts

Tips that apply to all the above

We recommend twice the marginal area for display compared to lilies, hence we recommend the 3 table or 3 tray layouts comprising one lily and two marginals.

Do not overstock. Early in the season plants are small, late in the season sales slow. We recommend reducing the number of display units and trays. The display table stands can be dismantled, tray stands can be stacked as can all Display tables and trays for easy storage.

Early in the season smaller plants such as 1ltr sell well, later larger plants such as 3ltr so adjust the ratio of plant sizes to suit depending on the time of year.

The plant pots are to scale on the planograms compared to the tables so you can estimate the space taken by different ratios.