Anglo Aquarium

is changing to

We are changing our name. From 1st December, we will be known as Anglo Aquatic Plant Company Limited. Nothing else is changing – only the name.

We invented the aquatic basket and are the manufacturer of Finofil®, the highest quality aquatic basket available in the world.

Anglo Aquarium Plant Company Limited was formed in September 1965. At that time, we only grew aquarium plants and the cold water plants followed a couple of years later. As you are probably aware, we stopped growing aquarium plants in 2008 and we now feel that Anglo Aquatic Plant Company Limited more accurately describes what we do.

Our new web site is For emails use our first name or sales before the new ending so for example;. These are already live so you can change your records now.

We will have the same bank account, same VAT number, same company number, same directors, even our new logo looks familiar. We would be pleased if you could amend your records accordingly from 1st December 2012.

Congratulations to Celi Azulek for winning our Aquatic photo competition. Click for details.